Monday, October 18, 2004

GacUtil and Biztalk Assemblies

If you are using more than one Biztalk 2004 server, you must first deploy the assemblies (using either the command line or Deploy Wizard) on the first server. On the second server, GacUtil /i must be used to install the assemblies into the GAC. The deploy command cannot be used since the assemblies are already in the database.

File Transport and Permissions

A directory that the File Transport points to must have Modify, Read, Write and Delete permissions for the Host user group. Also, on the advanced tab, the Host user group must be granted Delete Subfolders and Files.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Biztalk 2004 Message Archive problems

It seems that there is a problem with the Message Archive object that was released in the hotfix:

The Tracking_Spool information in the SQL stored proc is not referencing the correct table.

Using Reflector, I was able to figure out the problem and fix the issue.

Also, the hotfix install is very difficult. Seems to have the "Insert Disk" issue that the July docs had.

How to Extract a dll from the GAC

It was pointed out to me that some dlls are not stored on the Biztalk server, but in the GAC. To retreive these dlls, the following steps must be taken [from Microsoft]:

Currently, VS.NET does not allow you to add references to assemblies in the GAC. You have to extract it first, add a reference to a copy of the dll, outside of the GAC. At the time you add the reference, VS.NET will in fact add a reference to the GACed dll.

How To Extract:

Open up the command prompt and CD into \assembly\GAC\Microsoft.BizTalk.MessageBoxOM

Do a DIR and you will see a folder name like

CD into that folder and do a DIR.

You will find Microsoft.BizTalk.MessageBoxOM.dll.

Run the following command to copy the dll to a folder you can access it from:

copy *.dll C:\folder

You can then reference that file from VS.NET

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Take your pick: Business processes or Bangalore-

Take your pick: Business processes or Bangalore-

The article confirms what I have been feeling for over a year -- that by working with BizTalk I have been getting closer to my career objective (for now) of being more of a "Business Developer" than a straight coder.

From a BizTalk 2002 migration view, makes me wonder how hard its going to be to change the company's perspective of BizTalk. Right now BizTalk 2002 is being used for the mapping capabilities only. Since BizTalk 2002 was not a huge success, will the company allow BizTalk 2004 to take a more important role in the workflow?