Tuesday, January 04, 2005

SAP Adapter for Biztalk 2004 - Tips

After uninstalling the SAP .NET Connector v2.0 and installing version 1.0.3, I finally got the BizTalk SAP Adapter to work. Here are some tips for those who are using the Adapter but do not understand SAP:

There are two types of SAP server hosts that can be used in the Send Port: ASHOST or Application Sever Host and MSHOST or Message Server Host. For Send Port, there is a choice of ASHOST and MSHOST. To use the ASHOST fill in the Application Server data. This includes Client, Language, System, and System ID. To use the MSHOST, fill in the Message Server data only. This includes Group, Message Server, and R3Name. For both servers, the username and password must be included. You can tell which server you have implemented by the Adapter Namespace created after pressing "OK". You will see either sap://AS.. or sap://MS...

For the Receive Port, an SAP gateway host is used. I have not spent much time working with the Receive Ports, but from what I can tell the following must occur:

• The .NET program must register itself on the SAP gateway host (The Receive Function does this for the developer)
• The SAP system and the .NET program must implement the same method interface, for example, the function module name and parameters from the SAP system.
• The SAP system initiates the call to the .NET program using the CALL FUNCTION DESTINATION keyword (Important for the SAP Developer)
• The .NET program must return the appropriate parameters to the SAP system.

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