Friday, October 28, 2005

Passed BizTalk Exam 74-135

I passed the BizTalk exam with a score of 906.

To prepare for the test I first did an online search of all references to exam. Below is the list I found, though I was asked none of the questions mentioned:

I was asked questions down to command line options on 'pipeline.exe'
Setting the logging levels on SSO
Interfaces implemented on a custom pipeline component.
GUIDs required for registering a Pipeline Component.....tough! tough!
When OLAP cubes get populated in BAM

messaging and orchestration gubbins you also know all about BAM/BAS/HWS/SSO - even down to default Excel filenames

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question on HWS! The exam tests a broad range of biztalk areas, from messaging, orchestrations, BAM, BAS, operations, installing, and custom development.

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details about interfaces (which are needed and which are optional), command line apps AND what each parameter does (e.g. pipeline.exe, ssomanage.exe)
All about BAM - when cubes are created/populated etc.

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when running the BTS ConfigFramework.exe, you discover that the domain service accts are not created. What do you do? (a) MINIMIZE the ConfigFramework.exe, go and create the accts, then come back - maximize and carry on....or (b) EXIT configframework.exe, create the accts, then re-run configframework.exe

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having a key file to deploy the assembly
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Whats the best way to store SQL username and password encrypted password?

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Custom pipeline interfaces, some from Custom Adapter deployment, and even from Hub, Spoke seed.

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Develop a custom pipeline component, remember the interfaces you need to implement.
How to test a pipeline externally to BTS -> pipeline.exe tool (remember the command line parameters)
BAM -> develop an Excel worksheet etc. deploy it, profile tracking editor etc. OLAP cube creations. When the cubes get created, how they get populated with the non-realtime data (basically a DTS job needs to run here)
Install BTS - quickest way of installing a farm Sysprep, then run the configframework.exe on the machines.
When running ConfigFramework.exe, and the domain accts. arent you (a)minise configframework.exe, create accts, then maximise CF and continue on....or (b)close CF, create accts, then re-launch CF and continue.

Pasted from <;amp;mid=358&ctl=ViewEntry&EntryID=35>

Managing the SSO database and setting the appropriate audit and logging levels for SSO. ssoconfig -audit 3 3 (is the cmd line)
Setting up SSO for the HTTP send adapter
Name the stages that the receive & send pipelines go through

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I also bought BizTalk Unleashed and as I went through the book I completed the Virtual Labs to make sure I understood the topic.

While the studying helped with BAS and BAM, my experience was the most helpful.


Anonymous said...

I am preparing for the Biztalk exams Can you guide with the type of questions that were asked to you ?
Were they very different from what's been posted so far?

zenith said...

Congratulations on passing this difficult and unique-in-the-field exam! You will be an asset to the computer world with your BizTalk expertise!