Friday, July 10, 2009

ESB Error: “IIS Parameters Registry Key is missing.”

In the ESB Configuration Tool, when trying to apply the web services (either core or exception), an error occurs: “IIS Parameters Registry Key is missing.”

Fix: The problem is that “MajorVersion” is missing from “SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Inetmgr\Parameters” in the registry. However, adding the parameter did not work, but installing IIS Manager from the Web Services Role Service for 6.0 did work.


Anonymous said...

The Fix is not descriptive enough. Could you elaborate?

Elizabeth Graham said...

In Windows Server 2008, open the Server Manager and go to Roles. Select Add a role. Select to add Web Server (IIS) - if its already installed, open the tree nodes on the left had side under Server->Roles and select Web Server (IIS). Either add a Role Service, or continue with the IIS installation and select IIS 6 Management Compatibility service. Select all options underneath. Finish the install and verify the installation by checking that IIS 6 Manager is visible in Control Panel->Administration Tools.

NBR said...

Same issue, I had it add the IIS 6 Managment Console and that fixed it.



Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton, this saved me sometime.