Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ESB Error: Microsoft.Practices.ESB.UDDIPublisher.exe

When running the Microsoft.Practices.ESB.UDDIPublisher.exe in the bin folder (called the UDDI Publisher Utility in the documentation), you get the following error:

The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Negotiate'. The authentication header received from the server was 'NTLM,Basic realm="localhost"'

To fix this problem open Microsoft.Practices.ESB.UDDIPublisher.exe.config in the bin folder and change the credentialType tag from "Windows" to "Ntlm".


Payal Arya Bhandari said...


I am running the Microsoft.Practices.ESB.UDDIPublisher.exe and am getting the error:

Bootstrap failed. The entity uddi:esb:transporttype is not owned by the publisher.

I am using Windows authentication. What might be wrong??
Any help is appreciated.


Elizabeth Graham said...

I have not encountered this error but here are some suggestions of fixes to errors that found while running the UDDI publisher:

1) Open the UDDI site before you run the tool. It appears that bootstrap errors can occur if security is not configured on the site first.

2) You must run the UDDI publisher on the same machine that UDDI is installed. Remote installation will not work.

3) Clear the SSL checkbox or andd https to all the URIs in the config file. This can cause all sorts of strange errors.

Again, none of these produced your error exactly, but they did produce some installation errors.

Himanshu Zinzuwadia said...

I have to do a remote installation because I don't have access to UDDI web application machine. I went through the security, authentication (Login failed and SSL required issues. Finally I got stuck at this error Error Creating UDDI entries, UDDI Install Path not found. It gets to creating the key for ESB in the UDDI tables. uddi:esb:keygenerator then fails with Error Creating UDDI entries, UDDI Install Path not found. Any help will be appreciated thanks..