Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Itinerary Not Deployed

I've been using the ESB Toolkit pretty extensively recently and came across an issue with the itinerary not being deployed to the database. The error occurred when I ran the business process and the receive location searched for the itinerary in the database. The error I was getting is the following:

Error 135008: The itinerary was not found in the repository.

The problem was that when I exported the itinerary to the database using the "Export Model" option in Visual Studio, I would get the message:

The exported Itinerary already exist in the database and the 'Status' is set to 'Deployed'. Do you want to overwrite the existing itinerary?

Since I did not make any changes, I selected "No". The problem was that the itinerary status was in fact not set to "Deployed" - verified by looking at the field in the database. To fix, I exported my itinerary again and selected "Yes". Now, when I make changes I export twice - just to make sure.

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