Saturday, June 05, 2010

SSO Error - Password Change

I was reminded today - again - of why you should never change your password that runs the BizTalk servers.  My Tech Ed demo is running in a VPC and the other day the password of the account on the VPC (yes I use only one for VPCs) expired and I changed the account.  Well, I was doing a run through today and my receive locations would not start (Panic!).  They were giving me this error:

Cannot perform encryption or decryption because the secret is not available from the master secret server.

The master secret is on the computer (I verified) and the SSO Service is started - so what was the problem?  First let me state, I did go back and change my password back to the original password, but that did not solve the issue.  I opened the SSO Administration console and noticed that under servers - there were no servers listed.  I added my computer, then in the SSO Admin console, I selected the server and did a stop then a start.  I was then able to Enable my receive locations.

Oh, this was on a BizTalk 2010 beta installation - but in general it is a bad idea to change you password when running BizTalk.

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